Wednesday, 4 November 2009


onlab work mainly in print and they have a great archive of work on their website. In particular, their work with DOMUS magazine. In the march 2009 issue of Domus, and ever since, onlab design the monthly section called Intersections.
"The march issue discusses the mechanisms, strengths, frailties and possible scenarios on the eve of Web 3.0. For us, the tools, services and problems of the new or other internet are commonplace and part every day life - both at work and in private. From personal experience we know that the Web is a powerful medium, but it is not the only one. To contrast with the discourse about the impact of the web, we decided to produce an Intersections that only the printed form of a magazine could create and a possibility for tactile interaction by the reader. For this issue, we work in collaboration with the german illustrator Tobias Krafczyk. Fold this issue of Intersections to learn more" (From the onlab website)
Watch it being done:

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